Aspen History

James A. McBride arrived in Aspen, Colorado, in November 1965 to work for Fritz Benedict on the original Snowmass Ski Village and departed Aspen in July 1967 to work for Williams and Tazswell in Norfolk, Virginia, on the Norfolk Cultural and Convention Center in Norfolk, Virginia.

Original Snowmass Ski Village 1965 to 1966, Fritz Benedict, Architect

Aspen Alps - Fritz Benedict, Architect, George Mitchell, Owner, Houston, Texas.

Pomegranite Inn Condominiums - Fritz Benedict, Architect, Dan Wiegener, Owner.

James A. McBride, II, completed the condominium working drawings and initiated the construction for ESCO Development and from his own office opened in 1966. It has now been converted to affordable public housing in Aspen.

The Arcades of Aspen, constructed in 1966 as an interior shopping mall
Remodeled Arcades of Aspen (2000)

Historic Cowenhaven Bank Building, 1890 - Now called the Ute City Bank Building, George Christensen, Owner

In 1966 commissioned James A. McBride, II, to convert an onstreet shopping area to an interior shopping area originally named "The Arcades of Aspen." George Christensen, a lawyer and former Detroit Lions Professional Football player owned the building until his death.

Mr. McBride also designed and renovated a log house adjacent to the Rifle Golf Course for Mr. Christensen.

The Arcades of Aspen in the 1990s was updated by a new owner.

James McBride also designed a Swiss chalet residence for Dr. Frank Jones, the brother of Whip Jones, owner of the Aspen Highlands Ski Resort.

Swiss-style chalet designed in 1966 for Dr. Frank Jones of Chicago

Prior to departing Aspen to live and work in Norfolk, VA, James designed a remodel design for Mary Jane and Tyrrell Garth on their Aspen Valley Ranch. The original design was by Fritz Benedict.

Aspen was a unique experience to meet various actors and actresses and entrepreneurs from different parts of the United States.

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